e-banking Helpline:  Hong Kong (+852 2971 7111) Singapore (+65 6495 8333) 
Please note that logging in with the RSA Token has been decommissioned since 15 December 2014.

A new e-banking platform has been launched since April 2014 and requires a new Access Card to login.
Besides an enhanced secure login, other features that come with the new e-banking include:
- UBS Quotes which allow you access to the latest financial information
- Investment Views to keep you updated with our market insights
- E-Documents which enable you to receive your portfolio statements and transaction advices online
- Optimized for viewing on tablets

If you have already received the new Access Card, you will need to use this to login moving forward. To do so, click here.

If you have not received your new Access Card, please contact your Client Advisor for further assistance.


- 瑞銀報價:為您提供最新的金融資訊
- 投資觀點:透過我們的市場分析讓您緊貼市場發展
- 電子檔案:於網上收取您的投資組合報告和交易通知書
- 優化版面:方便於平板電腦上閱覽



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